Erotic Art

Taurus Artwork

Inside the Institute

"Oh my… You want me to take a peek into this scary site? I-I suppose I could take a little look but we have to be careful… Scary things happen to cute girls like me in this artist's world… Sexy women beware, the Taurus Institution are always looking for new specimens to use as the test subjects for some of the most extreme sexual experiments. The hot women are put through some of the harshest bondage just to see how they will react. With vibrators, dildos and whips, these girls are tested for the furthering of the science of sex.

The nude women are kept in cages and tightly bound and gagged. In severe bondage, these babes are put through callous experiments meant to break their will. moans softly Hold me tight… Branded with a number on their thigh, these cute girls have no hope for any mercy in the Taurus Institution laboratories. The naked women are put through the extreme torture all for you to watch. This site offers a healthy dose of sadism with a side of forced sex. The erotic art galleries in this site have erotic pictures coupled with short text. Each erotic picture is an illustrated erotic story in itself with many art galleries to choose from. These pictures show cruelty that brings you into this artist's world of science gone wild.

This is a large site with a lot of galleries filled with sexy babes being tortured in experiments that are sure to leave you breathless. Oh my… I-I think I'd better go before those doctors return… I'm glad you were with me while I looked into this site… I hope I'll see you again soon…"


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